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Function is Essentially PURPOSE

Our training is PURPOSEFUL, multi- planar and multi- directional movement allow us to ensure thoroughness in approach to training.

Lifting weights aid in Fat Burning

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Studies show that a well-designed strength program can elevate your EPOC or metabolism for up to 38 hours after the workout. In other words, you continue to burn calories long after strength training. Whereas once you stop cardio, the calorie burning stops as well.


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On June 23, 2015 by Jermail

As our Strength & Conditioning curriculum continues to evolve , so has our model here at FFASC. In recent years it has become popular to shame/shun traditional “closed chain” or bodybuilding/ powerlifting movements. Specifically targeting the female audience with false claims of exaggerated composition changes for the worse , impending injury or lack of caloric expenditure vs “cardio”. We’re calling bullshit on all that, more specifically highlighting the advantageous nature of specifically providing a strength training program to the general population. It’s ok to be strong, or to be jacked.. why would you NOT want to be? Because of someone not willing to put as much time and effort in to their training as you are, can say that you look manly or are taking steroids? Thats dumb and a medicare excuse to not work hard. … Yes if you train in a certain periodization utilizing particular movements, you can in turn provide enough stimulus to experience increased muscle mass…HOWEVER your DIET will determine the rate of muscle growth vs fat cell accumulation. Calories and Strength training lead to composition change and weight gain. BUT eating chicken Alfredo ad 4 glasses of wine every night will not only fuel your muscles but lead to fat storage vs Chicken steamed veggies and a protein shake. The reality is the more lean muscle mass an individual has on their frame the likely hood of metabolizing at a higher rate than the average person. There’s a lot of fads and misconceptions out there..we only look to provide the truth and what works!

Sport Specific Youth Training Now Available

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Youth Ages 12-18 for all sports! For Pricing, email Jermail at

Hate Exercising Alone? Join our Group!

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Did You Know?

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Squats create a stronger anabolic stimulus in the body than equally heavy sets on a leg press machine. Sports scientists from the University of North Texas report on this in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The Texans discovered that bodybuilders synthesise more growth hormone and testosterone after a squat session than after a session on a leg press machine.

Get upside down! It’s good for you!

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Shirt orders from the weekend will be here 6/2/2015

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