Banded Single Leg Hip Extension:

Without a Reverse Hyper or a Hip Thrust Bench (or a bench available to perform hip thrusts on), this exercise is perfect way to target the posterior chain and more specifically the Glutes and Hip Extensors. The principle of this exercise comes from a great posterior chain exercise: “Single Leg Reverse Hyper”.

Purpose: This is exercise has been adapted and used in our gym as an accessory movement on our Hip Dominant days (such as deadlift) in order to accommodate our classes size and strength target. It’s intent is to strengthen the each Glute individually to fire properly and close out a lift; more commonly known as: Hip Extension.

• Properly secure band to wall and attach both ankle cuffs around 1 ankle
• Stationary leg will have a soft knee position (not locked out). Possibly accompanied by a PVC pipe to help with balance
• Start banded leg in a hip flexed position (in front of stationary leg)
• Forcefully drive banded leg back to the point of slight overextension, then immediately control the eccentric portion of the movement as the banded leg returns to its originally position.