Trx Arm Abduction

TRX Lateral Arm Abduction:

We use this exercise to accomplish our program demands when it calls for a upper body movements in the frontal plane. Often, frontal plane movements become overlooked so it’s important that they’re programmed into strength training plans. Most movements in this plane use the smaller muscle groups (assistors) around the larger ones (primary movers) and in-turn provides stabilization for those larger muscle groups.

Purpose: This is exercise provides constant resistance on the posterior muscles provided solely from body-weight. As the arms abduct from the body the greatest amount of rear delt activation occurs. Concurrently it allows for some core stimulation to avoid swinging yourself and becoming completely vertical.

1. Begin with your body holding the TRX straps at about 60 degree angle in relation to the ground
2. From there, perform a row to put yourself in the start position
3. Carefully, extend your arms away from your body forming a “T” with ought compromising the angle of your body.
4. Slowly return to the starting position with hands tucked next to your rib cage.