Band Pull Aparts

Band T-Pull:

We use this exercise to accomplish our program demands when it calls for a compliment to upper body shoulder exercises in the frontal plane. An awesome aspect of this exercise is that it is performed in both the transverse and frontal plan so that it can be used in multiple demands. Also, the use of a band allows for an easy adaptation of strength just by hand placement.

Purpose: The main attribute of the T-Pull is that it teaches the shoulders how to adduct by way of scapular retraction. If one typically has any shoulder pain this is exercise is a great starting spot to solving the issue because most people lack the ability to properly retract their shoulder blades. Bad posture reinforces bad movements and this exercises combat both.

1. Find a symmetrical spot for hand placements in relation to the band (a good starting width is about shoulder width apart)
2. Roll your shoulders back to attain a tall chest a braced T-spine
3. Forcefully separate your hands while maintaining both a tall chest and straight arms. The movement ends once you’re in a T position with your body.
4. Slowly return to the starting position focusing on resisting the pull of the band.