Why excessive carbohydrate consumption is not only making you fat but…

Why excessive carbohydrate consumption is not only making you fat but also keeping you that way!

Consuming carbs in excessive amounts are bad! Right? But, why?

Ingesting carbohydrates results in your body releasing the hormone insulin. Insulin suppresses (practically halts) fat mobilization and is responsible for fat storage and accumulation!

When insulin is secreted or chronically elevated, fat accumulates in the fat tissue (you develop a belly, thunder thighs, love handles etc).

When insulin levels drop, fat escapes from the fat tissue and the fat deposits shrink! (Losing weight and leaning out).

#1 suspect to this heinous crime?

High glycemic carbs!!

  • Bread & everything made w/flour
  • Cereals & milk pudding
  • Potatoes & all other white root vegetables
  • Foods containing much sugar
  • All sweets.

Counting calories? 1gram of carbs = 4 calories! (And bonus halts the mobilization of fat tissue!) Now think about how many carbs a day you consume!!!

Listed below are foods you can eat as much as you want to of as long as you maintain a regular exercise routine. Why???? These foods do not cause or invoke an involuntary response to secrete Insulin and essentially stop your metabolism!

  • Meat, fish, birds
  • All green veggies
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Fruit except bananas & grapes

How many Calories in 1 gram of protein? 4.

You can eat significantly more of these foods with little to no repercussion since they do not promote an involuntary fat storage!

Do you need Carbs? Yes! However,  portion control is key!

  • Recommended Servings are 15 per day!
  • 15 grams in 1 serving
  • 4 calories in 1 gram
  • 900 Calories roughly should come from Carbs based on a 2,000 calories diet!


In my opinion, this amount of calories is a little high but everyones need regarding weight loss and gain vary. Also, I feel in order to achieve significant weight loss; reduction in carbohydrate consumption is absolutely mandatory!


4 thoughts on “Why excessive carbohydrate consumption is not only making you fat but…

  1. This is great Jermail, thank you. How much protein should a person consume who is active and exercising daily? Is there a way/formula to figure this out?

  2. Julia,

    Around 20% of your Daily calories should come from Lean Protein Sources! 4 calories per gram of protein.

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