What is Functional?

Functional Training is the repetition of skills in a continuum of exercises in all planes of movement within a programed format

Functional Training comes down to the application of anatomy to train

Functional Training  teaches athletes to accommodate utilize their bodyweight in all planes of movement

“Function is essentially purpose. Therefore functional training can be described as purposeful training.”


Functional Fitness is the ability to execute a continuum of exercises in all planes of movement! 

Functional training creates a healthy, well-conditioned body. 
functional training helps you develop kinesthetic awareness and body control, will improve your posture and balance, thus decreasing your risk for injury and improving your athletic performance.

Our concept of Functional Fitness is to learn, build, and enhance. To adopt functional fitness is to mold your self to make life’s daily tasks become no longer taxing. This is the point where holding a kettle bell makes bringing in groceries easier, when playing outside with your kids is no longer taxing, when you finally gain ability to complete your first 5K, all the way to the point you start to look like your ideal self. To have functional fitness is to be a better you physically while applying it to your everyday activities.


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